Log On Help, Hints, and Details:

Your User ID is your 5 digit account number, a hyphen, and finally your two digit User Number.  User numbers start at 00 and are incremented for each person added to your account (00 to 99).  Examples of the User ID format:  12345-00    33425-01    67512-23

User 00 is considered the account manager or supervisor for your account. If you are the only user on your account, your user number will be 00.

Your Personal Identification Number, or PIN, is similar to a password. It will always be 5 digits/characters long (e.g., 54321, e47g2, eE9u3, qqoty).
The PIN is Case Sensitive, so please check your Caps Lock if you are having problems with the APLS Logon.

If you have questions, need help, would like us to reset your PIN manually, or you just want to chat with someone friendly about our services, please call us at 800-832-2823.  If you send email, please try to send it from the Email address that you use to log on to our system as this helps us to validate your identification. We actually check the inside of the email header information to see if appears to have been tampered with (people sending SPAM do this all the time and we know what to look for).

Some additional (possibly useful) details:  Each account with us may have one or more users, and our system tracks the unique user number along with their pin and email address for automated delivery of products and information you may request. At some time in the near future, a receipt (an invoice, actually) will be sent to your email address after each purchase (this may be a few hours after you placed your order). That invoice will also contain the docket or reference number that you may have entered as part of that order. Prior to this feature being added, your monthly statement will contain copies of all invoices (completed orders). This is to help your accounting office track expenses and dockets for billing your own clients, if applicable.

If you need more information on invoices, billing, terms and conditions, statements, or anything at all, please call us, toll free, at 800-832-2823. You may also send EMail to Support@IPDataCorp.com and we will respond as quickly as possible. We do our best to answer all support email within 60 minutes during the business day.

Having trouble logging on or staying logged on?
If it appears that your logon expires as soon as you sign on, there can be several reasons for this.
Here are the most common reasons:

As always, if you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call us:  800-832-2823.