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Patent Data Collection Description
Approx. Number of files (rounded to nearest 100K through End of 2019)
Media for
(Note 1)


US Patent Grant Facsimile Images  
April 1790 -
Dec 31st 2019


  Multipage TIF
  Multipage PDF

US Patent Full Text (FT) 1976 and later,
Bibliographic, minimum 1975 and earlier
7,150,000 (FT)
3,850,000 (Bib)
Total: 11,700,000
 Jan 1, 1976-
Dec 31, 2019
SSD or Flash Drive 60GB MAPS
US Patent Application Facsimile Images
Mar 15 2001-
Dec 31 2019


  Multipage TIF
  Multipage PDF

US Patent Application Full Text
4,850,000 Mar 15 2001-
Dec 31 2019
SSD or Flash Drive 60GB MAPS

EP Patents and Applications - Facsimile Images
Dec 1978-
Dec 2019

  Multipage TIF
  Multipage PDF

 EP Patents and Applications Full Text (Note 2) 4,410,000 Dec 1978-
Dec 2019
SSD or Flash Drive 60GB
WO (PCT) Application Facsimile Images
Oct 1978-
Dec 2019
Multipage TIF
   Multipage PDF
WO (PCT) Application Full Text (Note 3)
3,725,000 Oct 1978-
Dec 2019
SSD or Flash Drive 60GB
JP Abstracts - Bibliographic data and Abstract *
               (* human translated Text Abstract paragraph
14,500,000 Oct 1976-
Dec 2019
SSD or Flash Drive 60GB
JP Abstract Facsimile images (single page)
      with a single 200 dpi representative image, if supplied

 Oct 1976-
Dec 2019

Single page TIF
Single page PDF
IMPORTANT NOTE: Collections such as the JP Patent Abstracts of Japan are Copyrighted material in their original format. These are only available in our MAPS and MAPS-XML which are OPEN formats that anyone can use. These are NOT directly compatible with the Authority formats and require custom parsers to use. Code is available for our customers.

   NOTE 1  Size of Media will vary - Text is shipped with each Weekly issue in 7z archive format
                       We now ship COMPLETE TEXT collection Sets (4 authorities) on 250GB SSDs.
   NOTE 2:   Delivered in Original EPC Approved Languages (approx. English 70%, German 20% French 10%) - All
                      files have English Bibliographic Data, Titles and Abstracts)
- Grants have claims in all 3 languages, but no abstract para.
   NOTE 3  Most in English, All contain complete English Abstracts - All PCT Text is OCR Sourced.

The MAPS 7.0 Specification is now available!

   Current MAPS Specification for Version 7.0
(PDF format):  MAPS/MAPS-format-70c-Final.pdf 
   The MAPS 7.1a format samples are available and will begin shipping this summer.
   The Specification will be published released June of this year (2020).

   Note: Version 7
.0c contain additional minor corrections in the documentation (from V7.0b) and does not affect data contents in the MAP or MAPS-XML files.

   Current MAPS-XML DTD for Version 7.0
(XML DTD)IPData-MAPS-XML-v7.0-2015-09-01.dtd

SAMPLE MAPS and MAPS-XML Data for Version 7.0

We wanted to provide the widest range of samples covering all technologies (i.e., all classes) for the engineers who must determine if our data would satisfy their requirements, and we initially tried to keep a very large range of sample data online for them, but keeping it updated to ensure it was the very latest turned out to be a problem since providing data that is not the latest can lead to problems for those who implement search systems or use the data for other purposes. Even though we posted a disclaimer, we ran into issues where some users ended up using older data from the samples which caused them some problems, albeit minor ones. We do not want to be the source of problems of this nature.

We have determined that the best way is to provide several complete weeks of the most current data upon request to download immediately for the authorities you are interested in.  Simply send an email to
Support@IPDatacorp.com with Sample Data Request in the Subject line, then list the Authorities and Collections, Type of data, and Year ranges of interest, and we will send you links to several complete weeks of data for those authorities in the ranges specified.

Select the above items from the following list of Collections:

Authorities and Collections Format
Type of Data Available
Year Ranges
  US Granted Patents MAP or XML
Abstracts (See Note 1)
1790 to 1970
  US Granted Patents MAP or XML Full Text or Abstracts 1971 to Current week
  US Published Applications MAP or XML Full Text or Abstracts 2001 to Current week
  EP Patents and Applications
MAP or XML Full Text or Abstracts
1978 to Current week
  WO (PCT) Applications
MAP or XML Full Text or Abstracts 1978 to Current Week
  JP Unexamined Applications
MAP or XML Abstracts
1976 to Current Week
  CPC Data
Custom CSV format
Current MCF File

Note 1: Some U.S. Grant Data Prior to 1971 has the abstract text, but most of the early MAPS files have limited Bibliographic data including only the Title, Inventor Last name, First Name and possibly the middle initial, the Application number (File Number), CPC Classifications, US Classifications (USC is only include with and updated for US Design Patents) and the DOCDB Family-ID.


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