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IP Data Corporation

Manuals, Patents, File Histories, DATA SERVICES

APLS is a form-based ordering and delivery system for publications and services for the IP professional, including:

  • Online Patent Searching (for details, see Online Search Services - Main Menu)
  • 300-dpi Multi-page Patents and Applications for downloading
  • Multi-page PDF or TIF images for US, EP & WO (PCT) are instantly available
  • Apps and Patents from most other countries are delayed by 1 to 2 minutes
  • Up to 500 pubs per order, Jumbo file warnings handled properly
  • FREE US, EP and WO Pat Refs listed on the patent for File Histories ordered via APLS,
  • File Prosecution Histories (US, EP, CA, GB, EP, and others)
  • Your Dockets/Client Matter numbers are reported each month when entered on the order

The APLS User ID is part of our Customer Account management system, and this means you are ready to add users if you have an account with us.  The APLS User ID is your account number followed by a hyphen and two digits. These last two digits are the user number, 00 to 99.  Each user's ID is tracked tracked separately for billing purposes. Your monthly statement will show who created the order as well as the Docket/Reference number they used (if any).

APLS Patent Order Form Options


We can combine all documents on an order into one large PDF or TIF file for easy printing or handling (at no extra cost). This is different than a ZIP file - The Combine Documents option actually combines all of the pages of all the files into a single large PDF or TIF file. For US pubs, correction pages (X6) and ReExams are always attached to the primary document (at NO extra cost).


All Publications may be Zipped into a single Zip Archive for downloading. Some people find this easier than downloading multiple single files. Windows and Mac both have built-in unzipping so no special unzipping software is needed.


Accounts can have up to 100 individual users, and your firm can have one account for all locations, or individual accounts for each location. You can even have multiple accounts for the same location. Users can be added with a simple phone call to us. There is no charge to add users. Each user has a separate logon ID and PIN number for the system. They may change their own PIN number, if desired. Users are also tracked internally on the invoices, but your primary method of order tracking is your own docket number (discussed below).


Your docket numbers automatically come from the order form and onto the invoices, and they are also moved onto the statement line items each month to assist you further with billing YOUR clients. We understand the importance of your firm being able to bill the cost of these publications back to your clients, and we understand that it must be accurate and in a timely manner. We know that invoices for items ordered over the Internet don't always make it back to your accounting office, as most offices require. Frankly, it's difficult to track all of this information in an office with multiple attorneys, cases and a large library staff (sometimes it's just information overload!). We understand what it takes to track and bill all the document orders for 93 attorneys working on 220 different cases in 5 different offices! That's why we help you keep it all straight. At the end of the month, we send a PDF copy of every Internet invoice (one per Internet order) to your email billing address (or even via snail mail, if you need it). We make sure that if you entered a docket number, it makes it onto the invoice. Finally, on your monthly statement where we summarize the orders, each line item has the order number, your docket (as entered on our order forms), and the first publication number or item description on that order.

APLS also lets you order File Histories as well as Daily, weekly or monthly search services on our P9 Patent Search System. 


Cooperative Patent Classification System


In September 2014, the USPTO and KIPO (Korean IP Office) inked an agreement to work together on the CPC. KIPO will fully CPC classify all new patent applications and utility models, but no mention of back-file data. The CPC system is gaining wide acceptance. It definitely has the detail needed to replace the US system, and then some. We're still studying and learning the details, and the USPTO decision for the two year overlap (CPC/USC) makes more sense to us (it gives us more time, too. 1 year down, 1 to go). The EPO seems to have completed most, if not all of the their ECLA to CPC translations and CPC assignments, and unlike the ECLA data, the EPO's CPC data have been added to DOCDB for all countries they handle. We think it's a wonderful addition to the data, and our compliments and thanks go to the EPO!